How to Save Money on Good Food

As a mum of boys, I’m always looking for great ways to save money on good food. Which is why I’ve been looking for the best grocery stores to provide us with a great diet.

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What is good food?

Good food is food that nourishes you from the inside and yet tastes great too. It’s food that warms your body and soul. It’s food you can enjoy with your family. It’s food you can enjoy with your friends. There is nothing I love more than sitting at the table with a beautiful meal in front of me and the people I love around me.

Creating a place to eat

It’s important you create a space to eat which will allow you to save money on good food. Get a table and chairs that will fit into a space you have free. It doesn’t need to be a big space. If there are only two of you then you’ll only need a cute little table with two chairs. For bigger families get a quirky second-hand table and four chairs. The chairs don’t even need to match.

Eating healthily

Even though you might be on a budget, it’s important to ensure that you eat healthily. I love this guide to saving money on food and eating healthy from That Wise Lady. It has so many ideas for eating on a budget.

Eating what you enjoy

Talk to your family or partner about the foods you enjoy eating. Discuss how you can make these foods healthy and nutritious. Talk about the ingredients you enjoy and whether these can be replaced with a cheaper option.

Plan out your meals and eating times. Will you be serving more than one course? Will you be enjoying a glass of wine with your meal? Will you have music in the background? I personally love playing jazz music both whilst I cook and eat. I find it really relaxing and enjoyable.

Special meals

Special meals are great fun. I prefer a special meal on Saturday night. I’ll usually make it a three-course meal that we all sit down to at around 6pm. I’ll try to include some of the favorites of everyone in the house. The adults usually enjoy wine or a cocktail with the meal.

I’d say the special meal was akin to eating in a restaurant, but without the need for a sitter and much much cheaper! Plus it’s really fun to cook.

After the special meal, we usually watch a movie together or play a game of Scrabble.


My favorite stores for buying good food for less are Aldi and Lidl. Both sell really good quality luxury food at a fraction of the price of the big four. Lidl in particular also sell international food that is gorgeous. Just recently I picked up some delicious Italian tricolor pasta which went down a treat with the family.

Both stores also have a fantastic wine selection, with quality wines that don’t break the bank. I often buy a Chablis or Shiraz for the weekend meals.

How do you save money on good food? Let me know in the comments, please.


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